What is My Personal Blog?

My personal blog is a page for me to dump random thoughts and test out coding things, and learn along the way. If you have stumbled upon it, sorry there isn't much to look at. It's gonna be a weird combination of my thoughts and ideas as well as me learning new things within coding. Maybe I'll add logins or a game or two when I get to that point (I looked into it and it's far beyond what I could do right now so) But yeah thanks for dropping by and enjoy!

4/25 ~ I guess I will start my blogging today. I forget what day it is that I am in here, I believe I have hit 56 or 57 now. I finally got bored of doing the regular things I was doing before like watching shows and playing games on my 3DS. Beginning work on this website has actually been a lotta fun and something different. All the nurses are amazed that I know how to code, what's funny is I am using basic coding things and anything beyond that I use guides on a lot so.... still its pretty cool to have my own website and place to just learn things. Thinking of ideas to add to this and or just create. Maybe something having to do with Melee... we shall see

4/27 ~ Finally some good news! The doctors came back with preliminary results from my recent bone marrow biopsy and say that from first looks that the cells are less leukemic!! Hopefully on Monday we will know numbers of how many cells are still there but the fact that it looks less polluted is giving us all hope. Not much else is happening however (not an endorsement but) wow is Fairlife milk delicious, I have had 3 cups alone today which is good seeing as it is very high in protein. Also TwitchSupport sent me a SICK box of goodies and I am so happy about it, I have wanted a glitch pillow forever and wanted to go to twitchcon for the past 2 years and they sent me a sweatshirt from it!! Lots of cool pins to put on a lanyard they also sent, I can't wait to wear that while driving tbh. I posted the photo to my twitter if you wanna see what it looked like wearing that much purple. Will probably next update on Monday.

5/9 ~ So it has been a while, basically to update, the blast count hasn't gone down but the "queen bee" count has, or the ones who create the blasts. For this past weekend my brother Daniel visited along with my Aunt Molly which was awesome to see them. We worked out a plan to have me leave the hospital for a few days and the doctors approve. So as soon as my spleen pain goes away then I will get a break from this place. That's all really.

5/18 ~ I am officially breaking out of this hospital for the weekend. We are gonna go to bonefish for salmon dinner and I am super excited. I am gonna see the new avengers movie at some point (probably Saturday). I can't wait to get out of here for a bit, will update again soon.

5/31 ~ So after 1 day I had to come back to the hospital. I had Salmon but didn't get to see the movie. I started another round of chemo and am done with it today! Then we wait a long while until another biopsy. I finished season 2 of Thirteen Reasons Why. It was pretty good to be honest. Also my brother Andrew and Nick are gonna visit me. They're bringing my Melee controllers back so when Ryan visits soon we can play melee again.

6/2 ~ Today is the hospital's prom for students who don't get one. I am attending with my bowtie and all. Wish me luck! Sorry for the short update, not much is happening. Really just waiting a few weeks to do another biopsy. So yeah just chilling for now.

6/6 ~ Today is Wednesday. Next Monday is the plan to break me out of the hospital for a week. I get to go to a nice hotel. I am eating around 2500 calories a day which is enough to consider taking out my nose tube which is really cool! Of course I will have to get it back in for Transplant but who cares.

6/12 ~ Today is Tuesday and im feeling good! One day out of the hospital for one day and feeling great. The hotel i'm staying at is REALLY nice and has an amazing breakfast omlette. Oh and Ryan and Nick arrived which was cool.

6/18 ~ We moved hotels today, I enjoyed my time at the old hotel in short pump. It was my first time there and it was really nice. This hotel has a pool right outside the window, I may go dip my feet in and read or something. Wednesday is the big biopsy to see if this round of chemo worked. We will know results probably by the following Wednesday. I have enjoyed my time out but if trading it for going to transplant is an option, I'm taking it.

6/28 ~ So my cells are at 6% Leukemic now! That means in 2 weeks I get another Bone Marrow biopsy then go to transplant.

8/18 ~ I've been home for a while now. I was supposed to go to transplant August 6th, it is now the 18th. We don't have a definite date set yet. I have gone to an event in Chantilly called Smashcon and I had one heck of a time. I met top players and got cool merch. Overall been a really good home stay. Sorry I have been enjoying having my old computer so I haven't used my mac to code in a while. I am going to try to upload more now.

8/24 ~ So I am going to transplant the 4th now! What a change but hey I am not mad so yeah yaya.

10/5 ~ Well we are back, full write up of events tommorow. yeah

10/6 ~ So apparently I have another subtype of leukemia, so thats fun, only in the hospital for a week according to the doctors. Not too bad, I think i'm gonna stop saying when the transplant date is set for because it always seems to get pushed when I do.

12/23 ~ So I haven't updated in a while, been working on other things on this site, as you may be able to tell. I will do a full update soon hopefully when things are set in stone and start moving. Just thought I should update this so it looks like I stay active

2/11 ~ Alrighty, so a lot has happened since the last update. December 27th I checked into the hospital to start the bone marrow transplant process. The official transplant happened on January 4th at 4:44, wondering if my lucky number will change from 7 to 4? Anyway, I got out on February 6th and am staying at a hotel for a little while. I am also gonna try to get back to my ways of updating this site more and more with new bells and whistles. I am getting back into my old things I forgot about now and am enjoying it.

4/8 ~ I'm at the beach for a week, so that's fun. All my family is here (or coming). It's a huge house and has a nice view. I got my hickman line out so I could swim in the heated pool.

6/1 I am officially ending my personal blog, my weekly posts will be the main focus of the website now, I will keep this up for idk a good way to look back on my treatment phases. Thanks for reading <3