Weekly Thoughts

What is "Weekly Thoughts?" - Basically every week I will just write down some of the random thoughts I have, can be anything really.

Week 5 - Animal Crossing

Recently my brother Ryan got me Animal Crossing for the GameCube, and holy crap is it addicting. The game is so amazing for when it was released (2001? 2002?) and really groundbreaking in my opinion. I have been streaming it on my twitch channel as well as just playing it off stream. It's such a relaxing game to throw on while watching Netflix and just play through like 2 weeks of in-game time.

Animal Crossing has always been one of my favorite games. I played through Wild World and New Leaf so many times. The story of the game changes from game to game but basically you move into this town inhabited by animals of different breeds and ...styles? You can befriend them, do odd jobs for them, and even assist them on their clothing choices or life decisions. There are also a post office, museum, and shops around. Tom Nook basically runs the economy of any town. He runs the only supermarket in town while also running the housing market. You pay him on the daily pretty much.

Isabelle is the town "helper". She helps the mayor wether that be Tortimer or You. There's a lot to the game, I'm just running through whatever comes to mind. I just wanted to say that I really love this game and am appreciating it so much more as I play through it. So many hidden tricks and fun stuff that shows how much the developers really loved the game. If you are interested I will be streaming it on my twitch. Hop in chat and say hi :)

Thanks for reading, I'll try to be more active with these now. I don't want to force them so I won't post something if I don't REALLY wanna talk about it. so yeah. :)

June 29th, 2019

Week 4 - Riverdale (Show)

I began watching Riverdale when it first came out in 2017. The first season was very interesting, a darker angle, I am a HUGE fan of shows that are based on original content and they have easter eggs placed around. That's why I was such a fan when I learned how expansive the MCU was. Riverdale's cast is also pretty talented in my opinion, AJ Kapa as Archie, Lili Reinhart as Betty, Cole Sprouse as Jughead (personal favorite character).

The show, as I mentioned, is very intense, each episode has a turn or some huge reveal. Each season also revolves around one big evil that they have to all fight. MINI SPOILERS In season 2 the villian was "The Black Hood" and each episode reveals more and more about him, each detail making the suspense grow as the characters interacted with him.

I am currently watching season 3. It's pretty good, some parts just feel like they drag on. I feel that this show suffers from the same thing that "13 Reasons Why", they go for the shock factor way too often, and sometimes they go too far, making certain scenes almost unwatchable because of how uncomfortable you feel. Every episode is a roller coaster and at this point (Season 3) I feel like there isn't a scene where you don't feel scared for any character present.

uuhhh I guess I will do a proper sendoff for this one. Thank you for reading week after week, I am enjoying this style very much. Follow me on twitter if you haven't already, I am semi-active there. Also shout out to my long time nurse, Sarah Bradley, who just left the clinic to live in Atlanta, best of luck and thanks for keeping me entertained through my hours of visits. Thanks again for reading <3

June 14th, 2019

Week 3 - Super Smash Brothers Melee

Super Smash Brothers Melee. A game for the Nintendo Gamecube released in 2001. My brother Ryan always says it's "A Beautiful Accident", and I couldn't agree more. I'm gonna talk about the game/series and how it has changed my life.

The Game - Super Smash Brothers is a video game series where you must keep hitting a player to add to their "percentage". The higher their percentage, the farther they go when you hit them. They can die off of the side, top, or bottom on any stage. It's a unique fighting game in that there are no health bars, instead you have "Stocks" that can be set by the players (ranging from 1-99). The series has 5 games total now, Smash Brothers (N64, 1999), Melee (Gamecube, 2001), Brawl (Wii, 2008), WiiU (WiiU, 2014), Ultimate (Switch, 2018). There is so much to learn about Smash Brothers that I am going to stop because this would be a novel length, if you want to learn more about Smash Brothers, Well....I hyperlinked a video about the basics, so there.

How it changed my life - When I first saw competitive melee (July 4th, 2016) I immediately understood why so many people loved it. I myself was getting hyped up for these players that I had NEVER heard of. I wanted to play it so bad that I ordered a gamecube adapter, took one of my brother Sam's Gamecube controllers, and begged Ryan to send me all the stuff to play Melee on my computer. I soon found out how hard it is to pull off some of the stuff that top players do. It takes a toll on your hands because of how fast you have to move to input the stuff the pros do. I was determined to learn this game though. I played it nonstop until Ryan returned so I could try and beat him again. That went on for at least a year.

Late 2016 into Early 2017 I became very good at tech that was hard to pull off. Just when I thought that I finally had Ryan. He starts playing as Luigi. I was so angry that this low tier was beating my top tier Fox. That's when I learned a very important thing about melee. You can do all the tech skill in the world, but if you can't read your opponent, they have the upper hand. THAT is what makes this game so amazing to me, you are always learning new things, everyone plays different. The game is 18 years old and people are still finding new things within the game. It's so timeless, and the community behind the game is one of the most dedicated fanbases. If you want to see that fully, I recommend watching the Smash Brothers documentary on YouTube. Melee is and always will be a huge part of my life. I have learned much more about myself through this Children's Party Game.

May 31st, 2019

Week 2 - Meeting the Indianapolis Colts

So I wasn't as excited when my Make-A-Wish became "Meet Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts" but it wasn't half bad. So this week's rant will be about my experience with the Colts.

So on Wednesday, we got a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts play. It was pretty lit, for being finished in 2008 it's quite clean and modern looking (besides the bricks on the outside). The giant retractable roof was really cool, and our tour guide was very knowledgable about it all. 10/10 stadium. On to Thursday.

Thursday at 10:30am a Limo came to pick up me, my Dad, Barbara, and Lili to take us to the practice field. When we were dropped off we were met by a Make-A-Wish employee, a colts tour(?) staff, and 2 Cheerleaders. We walked through the building and got to see the memory room? I guess, it's where a ton of famous stuff is. We saw the Media Room, where a lot of their Facebook/Instagram/Twitter videos are made. We saw a lot of rooms yeah yeah ok. We got Lunch at the Colts Cafe.

In the Locker Room, we met the kicker, punter, long snapper, and I think another kicker I didn't catch what his position was. They were some nice guys, really funny. yeah. Then we went to the workout room where we met Andrew Luck the Quarterback. He's a really nice dude, asked me about my book I published. I hope it isn't becoming the book of the month at his book club....lol. okay. Then we went out to the practice field where I met literally everyone, they were all really nice, a few of them went outta their way to fistbump me or say hey. I talked to the Offensive Line the longest all really chill dudes. I got to end practice, that's lit. Everyone signed a football for me, it was really nice.

So yeah overall a good time, Indianapolis is a fun city for Pokemon Go. I got the world's smallest Harmonica. 8/10 Trip, weather could've been better. This rant wasn't as inspired as last week's so next week I wanna really be into what I am writing about. Thanks for reading :)

May 24th, 2019

Week 1 - PUP and their influence on me

The idea for this....blog? came to me while listening to PUP's newest album, "Morbid Stuff", on my way to Richmond for a clinic visit. I was thinking about how the album has affected me and brought me even closer to many of my siblings. I wanted a way to express that, in one place, and get it all out. This felt like the best way to do that.

July 10th, 2018 - My sister tells me about a music video for a song called "Sleep in the Heat". At first I didn't care much, didn't seem my style of music. As the day went on though, I began to think about the music video more and more, I always enjoyed videos that are able to match the song well, while also leaving a lasting impression on me. Later that night, I listened to it again and shortly after added it to my playlist on Spotify. (I also added DVP shortly after)

February 14th, 2019 - I was staying at a Hotel near to the hospital (was shortly after my Bone Marrow Transplant) with my brother, Daniel. He mentions to me that PUP had released a new music video for their song "Kids". We watched it together and again I was impressed by the storytelling done, but this time I also was immediately attracted to the sound of the song. I added it to my playlist and for the next two weeks that was one of the only songs I really listened to. This song is very special to me because, to me, it was one of the first time that Daniel and I had bonded over music. We had listened to some of the same bands but never really talked about it too much.

April 5-8th, 2019 - PUP dropped their newest album, "Morbid Stuff". A few days later my family went on a trip to the beach. There, my Donor Brother Andrew and I talked about the album, which we both enjoyed immensely. Again, I felt that one of my siblings and I had bonded over this Band and their new album. Basically I just wanna say that I think PUP has positively influenced my relationships with my siblings.

Conclusion Rant: "Free At Last" was my favorite song off the album at first, I loved the fast paced feeling of it and then after reading the lyrics and finding out that I had heard some of them wrong, and that the real lyrics were even better just sealed it for me. About two weeks after the release I re-listened to the album to see if I had changed my thoughts about certain songs. "City" which at first I didn't enjoy as much; I now LOVED. Also, my brother Andrew had mentioned that he enjoyed "See You at Your Funeral" (My brother Nick also mentioned that this song was good when the album first dropped). So I gave it a second listen and was confused how this song had not caught my attention when listening the first time. Again, that song became all I played for 2 weeks straight. Current day, which is May 17th, 2019 for me, Sibling Rivalry has become a track that I play over and over again. And that brings me to my final point which is that this album will always be special to me because every 2 weeks or so, I find a new favorite song off the album. An album that keeps giving over and over, when you think you've heard it all, and then you listen again to a song you loved, or didn't love at first, and it becomes the song you specifically seek out to play first before anything else, that's when you know that it's leaving a lasting impact.

Yeah so that was sorta just a rant, most of these will be. Sorry if I used too much punctuation but not enough in some places, I felt I did but I just couldn't be bothered to get someone to proof read so Thanks for reading :)


May 17th, 2019